Marine Ceramic Coating

Smart Investment

Ceramic coating can help transform your asset. Its protective coating shields the exterior and interior from damaging elements, ensuring resale value remains high. Investing now will help ensure maximum protection against the sun’s UV damage.

High Gloss And Deep Finish

Revitalize your boat’s finish with our superior coating – experience a glossy and vibrant shine that will outlast any wax. Enjoy the mirror-like effects, stunning color depth, and unparalleled protection.

Easy Clean Up

Keep your boat looking like it was just detailed! With a slick, coated surface that resists the UV rays, salt, acid rain, and harsh elements, you can say goodbye to tedious washing and waxing. Enjoy more time on the water, and less time between required maintenance!

Jade Marine Quartz & Jade Graphene Pro

Take preventative boat maintenance to the next level with an initial coat of Jade Marine Quartz and a 2nd coat with Jade Graphene Pro UV Coating (10H). Jade is a Colorado-based company, whose products are 3rd party tested by Boeing Aerospace.

This nanocrystalline ceramic coating provides superior protection against sun, corrosion, saltwater, and more. Experience exceptional protection in rugged marine settings with these specially designed products. Stop paying thousands of dollars on aftercare for your boat and make the common sense choice with Jade Products.