What is High End Detailing with PBC?

Find yourself in the sweet spot between waxing and ceramic coating with our high-end detailing at Palm Beach Ceramics.

This option is great for those who aren’t ready to commit to ceramic coating, but would like better results than waxing that also last longer.

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    Vehicle Ceramic CoatingBoat Ceramic CoatingHigh-End Vehicle Detailing


    0-5 yrs5-10 yrsClassic car

    Service Includes:

    1. Wash and Decontamination
    2. 1-Stage Polishing Compound
    3. Apply Graphene Spray Detail Ceramic (9H)
    4. Interior Detailing Options:
      • Standard Interior Cleaning
      • Deep Clean with Leather Pro Cleaner
    5. Enjoy 6 Month Warranty
    Takes Only
    One Day
    Selling Your Car? Skip The Full Ceramic Coating.
    No Waxing For
    Six Months.
    Lower Cost Than Full Ceramic Coating Package
    Save Time And Money Compared To Waxing


    Jade Detail Spray Graphene Ceramic (9H)

    Jade Graphene Spray Coating provides top-level protection against rain, UV rays, dirt, and more.
    It’s a sprayable nano crystalline coating that’s stronger than wax and lasts longer. Choose this
    innovative coating for a hydrophobic and durable solution to environmental fallout.

    Leather Pro Conditioner

    Our team works with a top of the line leather pro cleaner and conditioner with Lanolin. We’ve selected this product because it doesn’t leave any type of film or oily residue behind. No one has time for that!