Automotive Ceramic Coating

Smart Investment

Ceramic coating is an investment that can transform your vehicle into a lifetime asset. Its protective coating shields the exterior and interior from damaging elements, ensuring resale value. Build part of your lasting portfolio with ceramic coating.

Turn Heads At The Valet

Revitalize your car’s finish with our superior coating – experience a glossy and vibrant shine that will last for years. Enjoy the mirror-like effects, stunning color depth, and unparalleled protection.

Added To The Carfax

After every application, we add the service record to your vehicle’s CarFax, providing proof of ceramic protection. Preserving the value of your investment.

What is Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is a chemically bonding nano-technology liquid polymer that is like adding another clear coat to your car. With its elements of a graphene base, the layer hardens when applied to form an impenetrable shield around your paint job – keeping your car safe from the sun’s UV and other environmental elements. 

5 Step Paint Correction Process

Our Paint Correction Process Is Included In All Prices
  • 01

    Mild Wet Sand

  • 02

    Pure cut compound with wool pad

  • 03

    Stage 1 polishing compound with foam pad

  • 04

    Stage 2 polishing compound with foam pad

  • 05

    Stage 3 polishing compound with foam pad

Maintenance Made Easy

Keep your car looking its best and make washing a breeze with an expert ceramic coating. Our experienced team in Palm Beach can give you that pristine finish, while also making upkeep easier than ever.

  • A ceramic coating applied to any automobile greatly enhances its ability to repel water. This hydrophobic property enables the car’s surface to stay drier and cleaner by beading off water effortlessly, especially after a hard rain.
  • Keep your car spotless with a hydrophobic surface that causes water to magically bead and roll off – no more hours of scrubbing required.
  • You can say goodbye to tedious and costly waxing. Enjoy fewer trips to the car wash.