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Are you looking for an effective way to protect your shower glass enclosure? Would you like your bathroom to be more hygienic? If so, ceramic coatings may be the product for you.

Can you imagine a shower that is a breeze to clean? Think about glass that doesn’t collect soap scum. Imagine limescale and rust as bygone ideas. Can you see shining glass surrounding your shower? If you’d like to save money on cleaning supplies while still having a beautiful, durable shower enclosure, then it may be time for you to learn more about ceramic coatings for your shower.

Palm Beach Ceramics has been the premier ceramic coating company in the Boca Raton area for many years. They offer ceramic car coating, ceramic boat coating, and residential ceramic coating services. The residential services include coating glass shower enclosures. Let’s learn about what’s involved when you get your shower enclosure coated by Palm Beach Ceramics.


Ceramic Coatings Add Durability & Help Keep the Shower Enclosure Hygienic

The bathroom is traditionally one of the hottest, most humid rooms in the house. It goes without saying that you use a lot of water in the bathroom. The bathroom is used more often than almost any other room in the house. As a result, it requires frequent cleaning.

.The ceramic coating is easy to clean, and it makes the bathroom more hygienic as soon as the coating is installed.

One ceramic coating can last for years when properly maintained. The thin coating makes the shower more durable. It also creates a hydrophobic surface, which allows water to simply bead and roll off the surface rather than adhering to it.

The ceramic coated surface makes the bathroom easier to clean. The days of scrubbing limescale from the glass shower surface are gone. Additionally, you will likely save money since you no longer need to buy expensive, abrasive cleaners.

We already mentioned limescale, but what about soap scum and unsightly rust? Those are also reduced when your shower enclosure is coated with ceramic. Your cleaning routine will be much simpler when you have a shiny, coated shower.


Why Professional Ceramic Installation is better than DIY

There are products on the market that claim to be do-it-yourself ceramic coatings, but you want to avoid those. Coating your shower enclosure isn’t a do-it-yourself project.

At Palm Beach Ceramics, our trained professionals have been installing ceramic coatings since there was a market for it. Each expert is licensed, and they are insured for each job they do. They employ a multistep process for applying the ceramic coating, and the finished product has long-term durability.

Having your shower coated with ceramic not only adds durability, but also adds value to the home. The ceramic coating immediately improves the appearance of the room with a long-lasting shine.

Palm Beach Ceramics is the premier ceramic coating company in the Boca Raton area. Every project is handled professionally. We have perfected our five-step installation process so that the finished product will exceed your expectations.

Before you schedule an appointment for a ceramic coating installation, you will have a consultation with our experts. During the consultation, your room is assessed to determine the pre-coating process that fits your needs. You will also receive a detailed estimate of the cost you can expect.


Get In Touch with our Ceramic Coatings Experts

Now that you know more about having your shower coated with ceramic, it’s time for next steps. Our professionals are ready to assist you with the process. In summary, here are the benefits that you’ll enjoy if your shower enclosure is coated by Palm Beach Ceramics:

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