Home Shower Glass Enclosures

Think ceramic coating and finishing only works well on cars and boats? Think again! Palm Beach Ceramics, South Florida’s premier ceramic detailer for over 25 years, can add a layer of long-lasting, substantial shine and protection to your shower’s glass enclosure in your home.

PBC is revolutionizing bathroom hygiene and performance by setting industry-leading standards and practices.

Read on to learn more about ceramic finishing and detailing services in the home setting, as well as why Palm Beach Ceramics is the perfect choice for safeguarding your personal domain with highly-effective results.

Why should I consider a ceramic coating for my shower?

  • Of all the rooms in your home, bathrooms are especially hot, humid areas prone to plenty of water exposure and frequent use.
  • Consequently, bathrooms require regular cleaning and maintenance to stay on top of the environmental effects that can otherwise cause issues like mold, mildew, water spots, dirt, and more to quickly accumulate or worsen.
  • One professional application of our 5 step ceramic coating application on your shower’s glass enclosure shields this high-traffic area for years to come, extending the life of your living space, as well as adding monetary value to your home.

Ceramic coating makes cleaning simple

  • By preventing things like mold, water spots, and more from accumulating on your ceramic-coated glass, your cleaning routine is streamlined and simplified—in other words, quicker and easier.
  • Your shower and bathroom area will immediately be a more hygienic atmosphere upon completion of the process.
  • The invisible protective film will transform your shower glass into a “hydrophobic” exterior—meaning that it will repel water efficiently. Water will bead up and roll off of the surfaces you’re cleaning more expediently—a very popular outcome for our satisfied clients.
  • Your shower glass will also be more durable and dependable thanks to an expertly executed ceramic finish.
  • Say goodbye to unsightly limescale, rust, and soap scum residue with the polished-to-perfection lustre that an expertly-applied ceramic finish provides.
  • In addition to saving time during the cleaning process and adding value to your home, this flawless finishing touch also saves you money on harsh, chemical-filled, and costly cleaning supplies typically needed to attack these problem areas—a ceramic finish is well worth the initial investment that lasts for several